Hello brothers, I am trying to upload a product on codecanyon but I always receive a refusal if ther

Hello brothers, I am trying to upload a product on codecanyon but I always receive a refusal if there is a solution


Here are some common rejection reasons to consider:

if you want proper feedback then you need to share a demo link here

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demo : https://www.codevato.com/

With respect, this is way off the standards for here.

What is https://www.gigtodo.com/? That was designed and developed by someone else? You can’t just rip off another working site esp, not one that you didn’t create.

  • the design itself needs significant improvement in styling, basics including typography, modernization, spacing, hierarchy, etc.

  • the category navigation at the top is weak and need to be much older and more distinguished

  • the empty space in the category mega menus and through the main page is not good

  • the icons on the main page are far too small and the whole section lacks any kind of hierarchy or styling

  • the almost entirely empty category pages feels very very unfinished

  • the empty widget boxes on the category pages also feels unfinished and really does not help with the overall design, look and feel

  • there are quite a few elements that look a little too close to Envato’s UI

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What do you recommend

Depends on what the connection is to that other site…

If you are just ripping off another website then this is not the marketplace for you. You are wasting your own time as well as the reviewers and will more than likely end up banned.

If it is your own original work then you would need to invest heavily in building improving the design and adding more example content that demonstrates this in more detail

I am not copying another website

Then what is the connection between https://www.gigtodo.com/ and your’s https://www.codevato.com/

Why is the name and details of the other site visible throughout yours?

Yes, yes, I made a mistake. I sent you a link to another site

The only link we can see above is https://www.codevato.com/. What is the different one?

But do I have to add a purchase code request in a product?

To validate buyer’s purchase?

That’s not a requirement and it is the least of your problems - you need to focus on getting the site design and execution right before you worry about intricacy like that

Thank you for your help. What do I need to do for the product to be accepted

Create original (only your own) and higher quality work.

Brother here are the reasons of rejection that are following:-

  • CSS Rejections

  • JavaScript Rejections

  • JavaScript Rejections

  • .NET Rejections

  • Failure to test in a variety of browsers: Items should be tested in IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.
  • Lack of documentation: Templates must include documentation explaining installation and, any unique aspects of the template.

Actually to be clear IE support esp 10 and backwards is not a requirement