Your Item has been Rejected.

Recently we submitted our item:

Which is based on the QRCode maker and URL Shotener. It’s Hard Rejected by the CodeCanyon.

Not sure what is a possible reason, as they didn’t give us any reason.

If someone can help us to find the possible reason for this Rejection, it would be really helpful.

Also, can we resubmit this again?


If an item is hard-rejected, it must not be resubmitted. Regrettably, the item has been assessed as not a good fit for Envato. Submitting hard-rejected items puts your upload rights at risk.

Please view how to best get through the review process for more information.

You can check this


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Thanks for replying.

Also, have you looked at the shared link of our item?

you can let us know if there are any reasons for rejection, it would be really helpful for us.