Item hard rejected but i dont understand why.

Hello great Authors, i have been working on my first product for months now and i got a hard reject from codecanyon,
i will really apreciate any explanations and any advice from you all.
here is the demo :

password: password

Maybe because there are tons of free team management systems already out there!

Hello, thanks for your response,
during the recent months i saw less complicated project management tools published in codecanyon with litle functionalities.

Selling on envato isn’t easy. because envato’s policies are hard to explain. For example: An item was found to be of poor quality or for other reasons, but envato did not explain in detail where an item was faulty. I, I need a special team from Envato to analyze, what mistakes must be corrected. Hopefully the Envato team will keep their eyes open.

Unfortunately, this is a private marketplace, meaning Envato can hand-pick which items they accept. Your item can even be completely functional, valuable, and high quality – but if for whatever reason they don’t like it then they will reject it, in which case there’s no reason for them to leave a comment.

Now, typically that’s not the case! In reality, they want to sell as many items as possible, but maintain a high-quality and modern catalog, so if they don’t feel that your item meets their “modern and high-quality” standard, they’ll reject it, again without any comment. In this case, there aren’t any specific issues for them to explain. The item as a whole is the issue, and they can’t find any changes you can make to fix it.

If your item does meet their standards but has some issues, they do soft reject the item and go into detail about what needs to be fixed, sometimes even including screenshots.

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