Hard rejected item no any reason. Why?

Hi. Somebody could tell me what the reason that my item has been hard rejected. There is was not given any reason why. I putted lot of works on my app… After when has been rejected I tried to upload to codester and there has been approved without any problem.

So please could any body give me any reason what is the problem with my script?

My demo link is: http://stefancoding.com/products/stefancphoto/

Admin login: http://stefancoding.com/products/stefancphoto/login

Username: superadministrator@app.com
Password: password

Thank you

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You would need to share the demo link if you want feedback.

FYI the standards here are far higher than most other marketplaces to ensure premium standard items. Other marketplaces might be easier to get approved on, but the sales potential/customer base is a fraction of what envato offer

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Thank you. I updated my post. I added demo link with admin panel login.