Need help! my item got rejected, can i upload it again?


Hi everyone,
I wanted to ask, first item I got a soft reject because it does not give the demo link, as I gave the demo link and upload the file again and I resubmit the item for review. then I’ve got a rejected item. Envato team said “we found that it’s too far off the standards we require, so you’ll be Unable to submit it again.”

when I open a link feedback from reviewers and the page can not be found.
Can I upload my items again despite already got rejected?
and how to see the notes or feedback from reviewers for items so I can fix it?

notes given provide reviewer: (page not found)

thank you


What’s the point of uploading the same item again? Waste of time unless you make some serious improvements to it.


thanks for reply, i can not fix it, because I can not see the feedback from the reviewer


If it was hard rejected, then there most likely wasn’t any feedback except for generic “your item is not good enough”. Your best bet is to share your item here in the forums an get feedback from community. You won’t get any constructive feedback from reviewers unless you pass some quality threshold -> receive a soft reject.


This "notes given provide reviewer: " is just a bug. Your item was soft-rejected at first, which leads into creating your item page where you can see the feedback, but since it was then hard rejected, your item page doesn’t exists anymore.


my plugin:
so how do you think, do I have to create a new plugin but I still do not understand how to make my plugin accepted


Unfortunately, I am not a CodeCanyon author, but this slider seems way too simple to me. Someone who is more familiar with CodeCanyon sliders library would be able to give you a better feedback.


thanks for the advice