I got soft rejected twice

I got soft rejected twice on codecanyon.net and did fix all the issues that were mentioned in the first email, but the second email that I got didn’t identify which of the issues I missed. I don’t know what to fix on the item.

Are there any tools (similar to theme checker) that are used to check for errors on WordPress plugins?

what is the message from the reviewer in 2nd email/soft rejection list?

Thank you for your response,
Below is the message from the reviewer

  1. Some of the previously raised issues have not been addressed.

Please go back through your previous review(s) and ensure ALL raised issues have been addressed before resubmitting.

Resubmitting without making the required changes or any improvements is not considered acceptable use of the Envato marketplaces and repeated attempts may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of authorship.

It mean all issues mentioned in previous soft rejections have not been resolved. please double check all previous issues and fix all. Resubmitting without resolving all mentioned issues may receive hard rejection.


Thank you for your response,
I did make the changes that were mentioned in the first email that I received, below are the issues that were mentioned in that email.

  1. Please use a unique prefix for all function names, custom images sizes, classes, CONSTANTS, hooks, public / global variables, and database entries to avoid conflict issues with plugins and other themes.

Anything before the first underscore is classed as the prefix and all prefixes must be 3 chars or more.

You cannot use wc_, woo_, woocommerce, wp_ or wordpress_

For example, pluginname_ OR frameworkname_

You can have frameworkname_ if you are using a framework while using pluginname_ for your plugins.

Read more at Prefix all the things – WordPress Theme Review

  1. The localization file should be in English and delivered as {item-name}.pot file that contains all your translation strings.

You can include an actual translation files, but it should not add the en_US.mo or en_US.po because English is implied.

  1. All theme text strings are to be translatable and properly escaped. translation.php · GitHub

The plugin’s prefix was initially WC_Shipped for all classes, I changed that to TRS_Shipped.
The constants were WC_SHIPPED, I changed those to TRS_SHIPPED.
I also changed the {item-name}.pot to “trsd-shipped” (which is the text domain for the plugin)

I also made sure that all the strings can be translated and the plugin is also compatible with polylang

It is really difficult to say what you are doing wrong because all issues are coding related. Just I would like to recommend please double check all of your code and make sure nothing missing mentioned in the soft rejection. The following issues are very strong:

  1. Please use a unique prefix for all function names, custom images sizes, classes, CONSTANTS, hooks, public / global variables, and database entries to avoid conflict issues with plugins and other themes.

Okay, thank you,
May I ask, what will happen to my account once I made the changes and resubmit the plugin and they still find issues on the plugin, will I be banned?

It depends on the review team’s decision but from my knowledge, you will not be banned because you didn’t resubmit many times for the same issues. and in this case, the reviewer can hard reject the item, and if good luck then again soft rejection.

Please don’t forget to mention what changes you have made when you will resubmit in the Comments for the reviewer box (Comments field) in the form. It can help you.

Okay, thank you,
I will make the changes, I will also talk to the support team.
Thank you

TRS is hardly unique. Why are you so stingy with the prefix? Make it longer. Try itemname as the prefix.

So the item name is WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping,
I initially chose WC_Shipped as the prefix (i.e “Main” class will be “WC_Shipped_Main” and so on)
I then later changed it to TRS_Shipped still a prefix.
Now the main confusion is not even the prefix. the main confusion is that I don’t know which of the requirements mentioned that I missed :smile:

What is the appropriate name for .pot files?
Is it “foldername.pot” or “text-domain.pot”?

Hello, i’m not plugin author, but probably the rules are quite similar (for both themes/plugins) in terms of coding.

How i code my themes:

I think the most important is to ensure no other plugin or theme, could affect your plugin code functionality. The most efficient way is to use classes, but i use a mix of both.

And finally, describe all your changes (in detail), even with screenshot if needed. And take your time to upload a new submission (double and triple check everything) usually reviewers will always find something which is not correct.

Hope this may help

@EstudioPatagon thank you for the advice,
May, I ask what tool are you using to generate .POT file,
PoEdit only allows me to generate .po and .mo

You can rename your .po file to .pot after generation

I’m using Free edition of Poedit (you need to manually set Paths and Keywords).

This is the solution to properly create a new POT file: theme development - How to create .pot files with POedit? - WordPress Development Stack Exchange

(i use a few ones, depending of your project, you can need more).

@Typps @EstudioPatagon @mgscoder @ThemeGer
Thank you guys for the help,
The plugin has been approved,
I use “wp i18n make-pot . languages/item-name.pot” command to generate the POT file and then Poedit to convert the POT file to .po and mo files.
The plugin URL is [link removed]
Thank you :slight_smile:

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