My plugin [Soft Rejected]


My plugin soft rejected due to demo link was not working. I fixed it and resubmitted for approval. But its been 5 days and I don’t see any message like review in process or approval.

What should I do now?

Please help.


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Check your emails ( Junk ) as well if you have received any from Envato. Either way, you should be able to get one notification email


keep patience. review team will review your resubmit as quickly they can if they already not reviewed.


You should have some response in your inbox/spam. If not, check in your marketplace dashboard (I think it is Codecanyon) if the item is yet awaiting review.

The current average review turnaround is fast:

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Hi, I got their reply. But they say 1. STILL. The input fields should sanitize data. Currently it allows me to input anything, including XSS: Screen Shot on 2021-05-03 at 06-20-19.png • Droplr

But when I test for XSS here TTest for XSS online it is say XSS does not exist

So can you please tell what tool they are using to detect XSS?

Thanks in advance.


Double check your code. To keep yourself safe from XSS, you must sanitize your input. Your application code should never output data received as input directly to the browser without checking it for malicious code. check all echo code is there all sanitize data? get help from for sanitization your data.