Hard or soft reject?

Hello everyone and thanks for your attention. About 6 days ago, I sent my new WordPress plug-in to CodeCanyon. Just sent, in the sidebar of the dashboard, the count of days with the name of the plugin was visible. Now all this is no longer visible, I do not know why. I received no notification, no email. From the dashboard it seems like I have never sent anything. What could have happened to you? I do not understand. Thank you

You should have received an email. Are you sure it didn’t go to your spam folder? It’s also possible the email is simply delayed and you may receive it later.

Ultimately, if it was soft rejected, it would be visible here: https://codecanyon.net/user/webaid/hidden_items
Otherwise, it was hard rejected.

100% secure. Never received any email and no feedback. My “hidden_items” page is empty. What happened?

I understood what happened, the plugin was rejected but the email was wrong and it never came to me for this reason. But I am very disappointed by their behavior. The plugin has been rejected and can no longer be resubmitted. But I note that I was wrong to send the package, inserting a non-working package instead of the STABLE version. Surely this is the reason for rejection. But now how do I resubmit the stable version? Having been a distraction problem?

You’ll have to upload it as a completely new item. Generally, if an item is hard rejected, you’ll need to add a significant number of new features or changes in order for it to be eligible for re-submission.

Hi, you’re very kind. Thank you. I can send the same “project” but with:
1 - graphic changes
2 - addition of functionality

But can it have the same name?

Yes, it can have the same name. :slight_smile: