Query Regarding Hard Rejection of Uploaded Plugin

I recently discovered that the “Item review notifications (Screenshot by Lightshot)” setting was not enabled in my CodeCanyon account, which may have resulted in me missing detailed feedback on the hard rejection of my plugin.

I have since enabled this setting and am eager to receive insights into the reasons behind the rejection. Understanding the specific issues will enable me to make the necessary adjustments and enhancements for resubmission.

Could you please provide detailed feedback on the rejection and any overlooked guidelines? (Screenshot by Lightshot) Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

That looks like a generic hard rejection where detailed feedback is not possible.

You are better off sharing the demo here to get feedback

Thank you for the quick response.

Here is a demo at https://techybirds.com/Projects/ptoi/ where I have installed my plugin. Essentially, it will enhance the preview for products where you want to customize them. For instance, if you want users to add customized text to a product, you will get an exact idea of how it will appear when printed on your product.

Please select product variation to check my plugin’s functionality.