Codecanyon wp plugin rejected item

Hello. I’m a new user, tried to upload an item a week ago, and just got a notice my WP plugin was rejected, as “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”. As for the reviewers comment, it said it’s a nice concept, but “doesn’t feature the required functionality and features to be approved as a premium item”. Now, what does that really mean? I wrote a simple plugin to do a piece of functionality. Said functionality, as such, is important to users, but there’s not much space for me to play with it’s functions, as it’s pretty simple.

That said, can anyone help me on getting this item on envato, hopefully decrypting above mentioned messages

Hi there,

As I see you got a hard rejection which means you can’t resubmit this plugin without adding some major modifications or creating a new one.

###There are several reasons why you got this hard rejection:

  • I don’t know what your plugin can do but as you said it’s pretty simple;
  • If your plugin does the same thing as another one without any new features it also can be rejected.
  • If your code is not well written you can also get rejected(but here is not the case I guess);

Do you have your plugin on a live site to see it?


Thanks for the quick answer. My plugin is pretty simple, but I assure you it would be useful. The thing is that I can’t really do much about functionality, as the whole concept is limited to what it already has. I could add an option or two more, that’s about it.

Being simple, but not present on the market, can also disqualify it?

Can you post a url to your plugin to have a look?

Unfortunately, no. It has no frontend. But given you’re an moderator, I could provide you with the idea, in private, or with the code, if you will.

No, I only want to know what your plugin is doing. Maybe I can give you some ideas to improve it :slight_smile:

So better, you can describe your plugin, what is actually doing :slight_smile:

Ok, but as I told you, there’s not much to the concept. I created an Open Search Plugin(the search plugin for browser, like the one in Firefox you can install and use it so search the website from within a search box in Firefox; default is Google.) generator, based on the user provided settings in admin panel. That said, I can only create as much options the original concept allows. That’s about it.

I understand the concept now :slight_smile: . So actually you make searches within a website when you have it installed on your browser( it is a browser addon? ).

It does the same thing as the search by CTRL+F or CMD+F on mac?

Well, it depends on the browser, really. But yes, it lets you use your website search by using browsers search box, which then creates an url for querying your website, and takes you to the result page.

No ideas on whether I can make this one happen, and how?

Would it help to create a demo website with the plugin installed? Otherwise the reviewer is going to have to create something to test it (or take your word for it working which with respect is unlikely to work)?

Especially if it varies browser to browser the demo becomes more and more important. It’s not simple to explain to those buyers with less experience.

It sounds interesting but I wonder how much volume of interest there would be.

I reckon not everyone, but given I’d price it low, say a fiver, I don’t think many would hesitate buying it. Specially those who have their shops bringing in the money.

Maybe - I’d still think the demo thing is probably your biggest challenge

Purely out of interest - is there a benefit to using your plugin over something like a simple on site search?

As for the benefit over regular on-site search, no - they’re exactly the same. The only benefit is that you don’t need to open the website to do search, or in case the search doesn’t work for you as needed(say it has some js that’s not running well on your browser, or something was broken in the form).

There’s not much more advice I can offer then.

I understand that it’s low cost and has it’s use, but:

  • I just don’t see a reviewer approving something that they can’t evaluate in a working environment
  • I feel like it lacks mass appeal or necessity value and
  • less experienced users would struggle to understand it enough to buy it irrelevant of cost. Esp when if they want site search then the regular format will be naturally front of mind, recognizable, often free and simple while being non threatening. They are unlikely to be the type of people who consider the potential for JS errors etc.

One of the the key things with selling here is to remember that it’s quite different from build, design, dev, creating items in the mainstream industry - Stock market items rely on either versatility, cool demos, ease to understand how something solves a buyers need.

Good luck

The reviewer doesn’t use the demo at all… runs the code locally or something. Doesn’t even look at your demo URL, because it’s irrelevant - the source of a demo can be modified and usually is for various reasons. :slight_smile: