Soft reject (don't prefix third-party scripts)

I’m trying to upload my new plugin, but got a soft rejection with this comment.

  1. Don’t prefix third-party scripts / styles:

And do not understand how to fix it ))) My plugin uses a third-party libs for some tasks and how to include them correctly in this case?


replace/merge fontawesome and bootstrap with your plugin name. prefix should not strat with third party plugin.


But it didn’t start, it starts from my unique plugin name and next third-party lib name to better understanding.

wp_enqueue_style(LIVEPREVIEWPRO_PLUGIN_NAME . ‘_fontawesome_css’ …)
wp_enqueue_style(LIVEPREVIEWPRO_PLUGIN_NAME . ‘_bootstrap_css’…)

I do not understand what they want from me?)

I think they want this

wp_enqueue_style(‘fontawesome_css’ …)

you can try with this way:

wp_enqueue_script( ‘font-awesome-css’, ‘…’ );

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