[Soft reject] I need help with enqueue scripts

My WordPress theme got soft reject, here is the reviewer message :

Theme-bundle all resources and libraries, don’t use CDN’s or your own hosting unless this is an option integrated feature and user is able to switch the library source. All scripts and styles should be added from functions file and hooked with wp_enqueue_*, don’t hardcode them. http://envato.d.pr/TFB2/3SDOMo7X

I am okay with the first part of the message, but the second one I am not sure about it because I enqueue some scripts in the admin page using this function my question is, Is that up to themeforest standers ?

theme demo



It is ok what you have inside you function. Take a look maybe somewhere ( for example inside header.php ) you have some scripts and styles that are hardcoded ( using link and script tags ).

I did a search in all theme files using the keyword <script and yes I found scripts in header.php. didn’t know wordpress support enqueue scripts for ie only using this function

I was worry if the reviewer would consider the function as a hardcoded way to add scripts, don’t want wait for 6 days to get another soft reject… I submitted on your guarantee :slightly_smiling: , Thanks for your comment.