Soft Rejected WordPress Theme

Got a soft rejection on WP theme. I had included a cdn fonts which is not from Google Fonts. The reviewer suggest told:

No vendor styles/scripts. Include this with your theme:

Please anyone say what did the reviewer said. Am I supposed to include the cdn css file on the main theme css directory?


Download the vendor styles/scripts and include into your theme assets.
Extra note: You have to respect the vendor license.

I have putted it on my css folder. Am I have to enqueue it on my function?
I mean, As you can see on the screenshot, I have included cdn link of the font. Do I have to remove the cdn link & include the template_directory_uri on it?

Or just have to include the cdn css file to the folder & let it what it is now?

you have to register and enqueue from your theme assets directory not from vendor cdn.


You have to download fonts and include with in your theme which means no matter if cdn link get deleted but your font is with the theme so it will work.

It make sense. But am I have to enqueue that file on my function? Because I had already include the cdn & the font’s are loading. If I enqueue it from the css directory again, it’ll be double enqueue of a font.