[soft-rejection] Google Fonts CDN Is Not Allowed Anymore ?



Hi , My theme was soft-rejected for this reason …

Found the URL of a CDN in your theme. You should not load styles or scripts resources from a CDN, please bundle them with the theme, including jQuery.

I don’t use any external CSS or JS links … In fact the only external link in my theme is Google Fonts.

What should I do ? This is the 9th rejection and I’m really frustrated .

Thanks in advance .



if you are using js or css, don’t load from CDN,
include that file in source
i hope its help



Thanks , But I’m pretty sure I’m not loading and Javascript / CSS from any external source … The only external link in my theme is Google Fonts .


can you share your link here


Of course , The demo link is montuthemes.com


you have load scontent.cdninstagram.com


It’s Instagram widget , It should load the data directly from Instagram .

I’m pretty sure it’s allowed because almost every theme in WordPress category front page is using Instagram API :slight_smile: .


yes you are right, resubmit your item tell to reviewer about it , google font is allowed every one is using
i hope its help, & best of luck :thumbsup:



Thanks for your time … I’ll try to explain that to the reviewer .



yes welcome @MontuThemes