Need more detail on soft reject, Please advice

Hi ,
Today, I got soft reject for my item resubmit, it is a Job WP theme. Here the message:

  1. Theme doesn’t work:

Can you please give us few more words detail on this use case.

In our side, it is working well with no more issue / error found!

Please advice asap

Thanks in Advances
iProtheme Team

Just install the theme on a localhost and/or clean WordPress and see how the results are ( You can send the screenshot when you upload the same files )

If the second image is also sent by reviewer, remind that the problem is with the WordPress installation ( WP-Includes files are not loading as well ) and therefor there’s no problem with the theme.

thanks a lot for your help.
I’m sure it work well on my side. have no bug / issue…before I’ve submitted for review

So can i contact to support or quality team for more issue detail?!

Please advice

If you’re sure about the problem is not your side, re-upload the item and add some notes to the reviewer.
There’s no other possible way to contact them but provide another demo ( video as well ) to the details.

From what I see from the screenshot, it looks like WP-Includes folder is not loading as well, this is not related to the theme.

Tks a lot. We will do it