wordpress theme Soft-reject

please help me. my wordpress theme soft-reject

  1. You shouldn’t enqueue the same file twice: http://envato.d.pr/q7jd6/2xDLLvck

  2. Please use a unique prefix for all function names, classes, hooks, public/global variables, action/filter hooks, custom image sizes, constants, database entries, theme-specific scripts, and theme-specific styles to avoid conflicts with plugins and other themes.

Prefixes should consist of either your themename_, authorname_, or frameworkname_. While multiple prefixes are allowed (theme-specific, framework, and external PHP libraries), they must be consistent, at least three characters, and unique (i.e not using a common term, such as ‘seo’).
Ref: http://themereview.co/prefix-all-the-things/

Third Party Scripts:
Third party scripts/ styles should not prefixed or suffixed to avoid double loading. ref: https://github.com/grappler/wp-standard-handles

WordPress Core Prefixes:
The wp_ prefix is reserved for WordPress core functionality. Also, prefixes should never begin with an underscore or hyphen.

Example(s): http://envato.d.pr/6bYTsx/4PusPUQl

  1. .POT file belongs to a different theme: http://envato.d.pr/WJyP4z/5nd37FZz

  2. These file are not needed: http://envato.d.pr/d9IRay/41iY7s1y


please help me

What exactly you can’t understand ?

  1. You’re enqueueing files twice (you should use only including with get_template_directory_uri)
  2. As it says, check if you have any functions (non wp-core, only those you wrote yourself) and prefix them with your_theme_name_. Also consider prefixising class names (if any) and variables from main files (if you have any additional variables in templates as single.php or page.php or any first-level templates)
    as pe example, prefix themestyle with theme name also (let’s say your theme is called “Briliant”, then your styles slug should be “briliant_themestyle”)

Check if .pot file is from your theme (you can re-build it using POEdit, google it)
And finally, only .pot file is required, so you may delete .mo and .po files.
Hope it helps, good luck !

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It’s clear enough.

As I saw, you added same scripts twice.

You need to create a .po file with poEdit. And, add prefix to theme related PHP functions.

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