Soft Reject Wordpress Plugin Help me ..

  1. Escape everything:
  2. Don’t prefix third-party scripts / styles:

For the second Point first, they said to make it unique so I added Prefix. They said don’t use prefix now I am using Slug. Will this work.
Ex:- wp_enqueue_style(‘soch_social_chat_fontawesome’,SOCH_PLUGIN_URL.‘public/assets/css/font-awesome.min.css’,array(),false);

  1. Regarding escaping, yes, you should escape anything you output.
    Here is a short article from WordPress codex, explaining why and how:

2) Regarding prefixing, you should not prefix or suffix the handle for third-party libraries -> to avoid multiple loading of the same library.

Just think about a website having 20 WordPress active plugins. If every plugin loads the fontawesome library with its onw own prefix (1_fontawesome… another one with 2_awesome, another one with 3_awesome) then the fontawseome library will be included in that website for 20 times…

To avoid this, unique handles are preferred. Here are a couple grappler standard handles:

Also, maybe you could use for icons not the fontawesome library, but the built-in Dashicons library. Dashicons: is already included in the standard WordPress installation. The result will be a performance boost you give to the website, by avoiding loading not neccessary extra icons:

There is also a tool named IcoMoon App, which helps you to generate a library of only those icons you need from fontawesome and other libraries (thus avoiding loading extra not used icons):


There is also something very helpful for plugin development (not required by Envato from what I know) but it helps you a lot with the development:

  • using PHP CodeSniffer together with WordPress Coding Standards in your preferred IDE, to format the code according to WordPress coding standards.

Here is where you find it and how to configure it:

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Thanks @hevada My Plugin has been Approved. These is the Link.
Thank You So Much…
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