Soft-Disabled item because of selling multiple frameworks in a single item.

I have received an email that your item Velzon Admin Dashboard Template is Soft-Disabled. This is one of the top-selling products on Themeforest. The reason for the Soft-Disabled item is

It is not allowed to bundle all these frameworks. Please separate this item into multiple categories. Angular, React, etc.

Seems many other items are selling with multiple frameworks. I was providing it for the last 10 months and no issues till now but seems after the last update they Soft-Disabled it and emailed us with the above-mentioned reason. Please provide your suggestions on what will be the exact issue with my item for the Soft-Disabled. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.


Just contact the Envato support that the other items ( link ) also doing the same thing and wait for their respond but most likely they will be removing the other items as well from sale