This item is currently hidden/ [Hard Disabled] after i sold this theme to 13 customers. what should i do now?


I am Deep Kapadia here from Meddoraa_Themes.

Yesterday one of my item buyer messaged me that he had a problem with the links in my item template.

as i see my item is no longer available. this is my item link -

see my Demo Link:

when i opened it then error message is:
"This item is currently hidden, and needs to be reviewed before you can put it on sale. Just use the “Submit files to review” button on the Edit tab.

If your item was rejected, please make sure you have fixed all the issues outlined during the review process."

when i click on edit tabs they are telling me that "
This item is not currently editable" i can’t even see my item on my dashboard.

I sold this theme to 13 customers and now it’s not available for sell. what should i do?
I can’t able to resubmit and i can’t even see my item on my dashboard. i am very disappointed with this action. please anyone help me out for this?

Thank you
Deep Kapadia From Meddoraa_Themes

Have you tried contacting Support? They should be able to help you.

yes i am requesting, still no response.! could you please help me out?

There’s nothing I can do, and I’m not sure you’ll be able to get much of any help with this particular issue on the forum. Just be patient and Envato Support will respond.

ok thank you so much.!

I think, if it’s an old item and needs to be updated for quality it could be removed by reviewers.

Check your Hidden Items tab.

as far I know hard disabled item permanenetly removed from envato market and this item can’t be come back to your portfolio. so there is no edit options mean you will not find that item in Hidden Items page.

edit option is for Soft disabled item not for hard disabled item.
but for more clear information you should get in touch with author support.

yes.! but why this happening. i didn’t do anything wrong. i sold to 13 customers and suddenly why they are doing this? still, no support from envato. please help me out for this.!

as you have submitted help ticket support team will reply you and tell you the reason. may be someone has reported your item about any hard violation (for example copyright). please keep patience and wait for support team reply.

i have spent so many hours for that template. very disappointed with theme-forest now.!

please keep patience and you should to know the reason first. envato never will hard disabled any item without any specific reason.