Temporarily Disable Function Should Be there


As it is against envato policy to delete an item and reupload it, There should be a option to Temporarily disable an item.

You can not re-upload the deleted item so you have to be careful about this.

Currently, the only way to soft-disable it is to contact the Envato Support Helpdesk.

I concur.

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I know, I was suggesting dude :slight_smile:

I suggested this a long time ago in Elite Author section, but no responses yet, so you can forget about it :slight_smile:

May 31

Hi all Elite fellows & Envato Staff,

I wonder if, we, trusted accounts, can have the power to temporarily hide some items by our own instead that we have to create a ticket nad ask for assistance from a support officer.
I think Envato just have a quality check, besides the price setting control, authors should have more control on their items…

Actually, there are times, we need to hide an item in a very short time for an update (security, bug fixes, add new features…) and I don’t really want new buyers will get the old version while we work on it.
Sale to me doesn’t matter if the buyers might get an old or misfunction version.

One more thing, we sometimes create a new item which is the same category with the old item, we really want to do an AB testing by our own to hide/show item to see what sells.

Hope it makes sense and deserves to be put into consideration.

Thank you!

@KingDog Any plan for adding this feature? @TheRubikThemes had posted long ago, Still no response, Please follow.

Disabling an item is certainly a last resort and never fun for customers, so I’m sure the Help Team would like to be aware of it when it’s done. Perhaps in the future, we’ll be looking at tools around item availability and updating etc. But I couldn’t really give you any time frame on when. Sorry!

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