My item got a Hard Disabled

Hi! My item got a hard disabled.

This item is not currently editable
This item is currently hidden, and needs to be reviewed before you can put it on sale. Just use the “Submit files to review” button on the Edit tab.
If your item was rejected, please make sure you have fixed all the issues outlined during the review process.

I got an email from Envato, its says:

Thanks for contacting us. Your request, #######, has been received and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you’d like to email an update before you hear back from us, please reply to this email. In the meantime, feel free to check out our Help Center resources for more help.

What request? What issues i should fix?
I saw other topics and some people say it might be because “you have many similar track”. I have a few pop tracks, but they not sound similar, its same genre.
I already replied email but want to know what you think.

The email you received from Envato is just the automatic response triggered when you opened a ticket. It may take a few days before you get the actual reply.

From the look of it, your item probably was soft rejected. You need to fix the issues highlighted by the reviewer before submitting again.

To find the reviewer’s instructions, go to the “Hidden” tyab of your dashboard. You should find your item there. On the item page, the reviewer’s message should be displayed on the right side of the page.

Hope it helps!

Its not soft rejected. Its [Hard Disabled] and my item is not currently editable. I know what soft rejected means, but this is something new to me. I don’t understand what i should fix or why my item is disabled.

I see, so it was already online and then got disabled, right? Well, if you did not get an email telling you why your item was hard disabled, then all you can do is wait for them to reply to your ticket.

In most cases, a hard disable is actionned when there are copyright issues with the item. Or if indeed it is a clone of another one of your tracks. Staff will hopefully explain it to you.


If your item got Hard Disabled then you must have to contact envato support and they will tell you details. But if your item got Soft Disabled yes Soft Disabled then you will be able to find it in your Item Hostory Tab with reason and you will be able to edit the item from Edit tab.


I already contacted, but why they disabled my track without a reason, they should explain the reason ,right?

There is two reason for item disable:

  1. Copyright = may be you don’t received any mail for copyright claim.
  2. DMCA take down notice = you will received a mail with details about that DMCA take down noticed.

What kind of copyright it is? I am using royalty free samples from Splice, other sounds i make myself.

keeping touch with envato author support team they will reply to you with official answer.
We are not sure about that why they remove/disable your item!