Hard Disable

Hello all,

It’s my first time when I receive an email from Envato with “logo aproved for sale” and after a few seconds my logo was out with Hard Disabled. Anyone knows what is the problem with this hard disabled works?

Hey there. That might be due to a reviewer wanting a second opinion or can have other significance. In either case, you should ask for clarification via Envato Help and Support. Cheers!

Thank you!

Cheers mate! Always contact support on any item related issue. Reviewers rarely check the forums, and support will assign your message to a reviewer directly or/and check staff notes on your item. :slight_smile:

and My Project " Hard Disable "
What is The aproblem?

your problem with “Hard disable” solve or no?


You need to address the rejection details on the right.

the rejection details on the right From 4 year and I edit this and reviewer approved My Project
now i dont understand What happen

So what are the rejection details now? You’ve lost me slightly… why were you uploading a Happy New Year 2019 item four years ago?

This rejection since 4yeas is asimple edit only mean soft disable after that I do this instructon then project successful to upload
But now idont know what is the reason to" hard disable"

My project" Hard Disable" because form tax