My item was hard rejected due to one superfluous file. How can I quickly update an item?

"You are allowed to include up to 5 total files (including your variations) within your main file. For example, a full length track, a 30 second version, a 60 second version and a couple of shorter loops taken from the main track are allowed, but 5 is the maximum number of files you can include.

Use the edit link here to attach updated files for a faster review."

but no link…

Hi, You should have a link in the mail you received. If not, contact support.

You can go to the “Hidden items” option in the dashboard.
Your track has to be there.


This is hard rejected. Where is the support? There is nothing in hidden items

Mmmmm Weird.
If just that is the problem then should be “soft rejected”.
With a hard rejected there is no message to edit the track, or item in “hidden items”.
Contact support as @Vermair said. It is a strange situation.

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Support is silent, no link…

Hard rejected? ouch! usually in “hard rejected” you are not allowed to re-upload your track… open a ticket support…

maybe directly from email?

Thanks, I’ll try to write to the mail. I think the reviewer forgot to attach a link to update the item.

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All perfectly! The status has been changed to soft rejected.

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