All Items Deleted. Please Help!

Why All my Audiojungle items is in hidden and I cant download it’s?
When I have mail about P.R.O. I choose variant where is writed - "…no changes for you…"
Please, Envato, help. I don’t have any backups of my tracks.

Hi write to Help !

Have you correctly set your PRO status in the settings tab of your dashboard?
If not: Go to your setting tab —>PRO information (under Author Tool)—>Select the option that applies to you and save.

Yes. I choose it and all my items moved to Soft Rejected. I need to review all my about 20 items?

Yes I think you may have to edit each hidden item individually. Lucky you only have 20 items :wink:

@LexFXRU maybe someone sent DMCA on all your items, check your email account… // oh sry I didn’t see that all items were soft rejected immediately after you changed the PRO status…