So whats about all those copycats on 3docean (E3D)...


Anyway, I am just wondering what is going on with all those Element3D copycats on 3docean. I have noticed at least 2 authors (whose names I won’t mention here) copying my thumb/preview image design to help them sell their models.

Why do you do that? Is it to fool buyers to buy your model by mistake thinking it was mine? Or what’s the point? Can’t you come up with your own design? Copying even the text that I usually write on the preview image and description text?? Colors? Everything? Seriously - that’s just sad.

Seriously disappointed with lots of things going on this marketplace lately.


This is annoying - but it could be worse, they could be stealing your models and then uploading them for sale… which I’ve seen some people doing… (and then reported them because seriously wtf)


Really is too much copying. Envato Market to be a basic thought :thinking:
to deal with Copyrights. I’m surprised that :astonished: the offender :thumbsdown: more than the original owner effect of items sold his.:astonished: