Somebody is selling Envato Flyer templates (Mine to)!!!!!

Hi, Goldenx here,

  • i just saw that a web called is selling Envato flyer items, including mine, and the huge problem is that Envato is letting this happen pls make something, they are changing titles of items and selling them with better price,
    for this i’m really sad/ mad cuz it’s a bad thing for me as artist(designer) and all of you too, i want some feedbacks from you guys and from Envato team?

Thanks @neongraphik for notice.
All the best, and hope for bright Envato future.

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Someone found that site and started a conversation about it: Check this out

I think we have won, see my answer on the other topic :smile:

You bite the hand that feeds you.
Seems that you “artists” have no clue about your customers and about stock market items.


It seems like you removed your reply on that topic, last reply is 3 days old.

Yeah, my post has temporarily hidden by the forum and marked as potential spam :scream:

A staff member needs to manually approve my post…

It’s unbelievable how you guys manage to scare off your probably best customers. Hilarious.

I really feel for the guy who set up the website. Now he has to read a lot of emails from authors who don’t understand what they are selling here and is accused of doing something wrong.


That’s your opinion, but from Envato-side it’s not allowed!

I’d suggest you read license terms again.

As long as he buys a new license for each new client he gets, everything is fine.
And you cannot prove that he didn’t, so all is either based on assumptions or you don’t understand the license at all.


I’ve sent the guy a message. Thought he might have been feeling a bit stressed, all the emails based on incorrect assumptions and the like…


I’m an author over on Envato, specifically VideoHive…

By now you’ve probably been contacted a few times regarding the service you provide, there’s quite a heated discussion on the forums! Although I’m not a member of staff and I don’t work for Envato, I just wanted to clarify that there is absolutely nothing wrong with what you are doing. I’m sure you know that anyway, or you wouldn’t be doing what you are doing!

Customising templates for your clients, changing the names of items, not linking to the original item on GraphicRiver, and charging whatever you want for customisation are all allowed by the standard Envato license. It seems that a lot of the people complaining, either are upset they didn’t have the foresight to make their own customisation service website, or don’t quite understand the terms of the license.

Anyway, just wanted to get in touch. In a sea of negativity, I thought it would be nice to hear from somebody that is on your side, supports what you are doing and has bothered to read and understand the user license! As long as you’re buying a license every time somebody orders a customisation, then you’re generating sales for each of the authors that are complaining. They should be thanking you really, I only wish I had poster/flyer templates that you could use!