I need a consult. asap

Hi. can anyone tell me what do this buyer want to? i’m not familiar with fiverr. at present time i’m gonna refuse it. btw as i know it’s not allowed to sell templates from envato (use for one or several projects only)

what do i should answer?

Not allowed

Thank you!

If he wants to sell the template itself, then that’s not allowed even with modifications. However, it’s fine to buy the template, customize it for a client, and and sell the final output from the template to the client, but he/she would need a license for each client/unique end product.

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He/she must understand the copyright principals…:grinning:

Technically, there’s nothing wrong with this. But in practice, there’s something very wrong with this.

Fiverr is a site where people post small jobs that they will complete for five dollars. Like they’ll write an article of 500 words, record a 30 second voice over or draw an anime picture of your cat. Imagine Envato Studio, but more like Mos Eisley… a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

So what the guy wants to do is buy the template and sell editing services on fiverr. He’ll charge $5 for each edit, maybe $10 if they want 1080p, $15 if they want music as well etc. What he doesn’t seem to realise (and a lot of people of Fiverr do realise but choose to ignore) is that it’s a single use license. So buying a template for $10/$20/$30 and getting paid $5 for it ,just isn’t going to work as a viable business model.

It seems like the guy might be asking if he can buy it once and edit it until the end of time for multiple clients… which obviously is a big no-no. I’ve seen people doing this and have reported it to the relevant authors. Either way, I think ‘no’ is the way to go.



Although, if you weren’t an exclusive author, and he was happy to pay $1,000+ for unlimited usage rights… then I’d go for it!

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It’s all in your hands fella. Make your own great decision, I belief you can make it. Good luck!