Selling our items without permission? Do you?

Hi guys,

I can’t explain why my item is being sold on other website like this:
Other authors: You guys should check your item, too, I have found some of yours.
What happens? I don’t think this is an affiliate link.

Need Envato Team’s help

Have removed the link to the site. You’re best getting in touch with support so they can look into this.

Although, on a side note, there have been a few posts of late where it appears people are selling on other people’s work, whereas they are actually providing a customisation service… rather than just selling on the template. In such cases, as long as the person is buying a license, then there is no issue. Could that be what’s happening here?

So, if I take other authors’ template and add some benefit from my team such as customization or installation, it will be OK with Envato? And you will not concern this is a kind of problem. You will say good luck & take care of yourself?

Thanks for all.

Hi ThemeMove,

I have investigated the website and it has only affiliate links so that is okay. If you look at all of the URL’s they follow the affiliate program policies so therefore I am going to close up this thread to avoid further confusion and interpretation of this specific website.

However, if you believe one of the posts are misleading and is not an affiliate link please send me a private message and I will investigate for you.

Thanks! :slight_smile: