Selling End Product

hi my question is downloading items or templates under my subscription and turning it into an
end product can i sell that end product to market places like Flippa or somewhere other.

Thank You

No - items here cannot be sold ‘as is’ or in an adapted format on other marketplaces

But I want to sell my website with my articles and content into it with envato template why it is not possible

2 reasons:

  1. the license says “you can’t re-distribute the Item as stock, in a tool or template, or with source files. You can’t do this with an Item either on its own or bundled with other items, and even if you modify the Item. You can’t re-distribute or make available the Item as-is or with superficial modifications. These things are not allowed even if the re-distribution is for Free

  2. You are licensed to use the Item to create one single End Product for yourself or for one client (a “single application”), and the End Product can be distributed for Free.” If it’s for sale on a marketplace then it’s not ‘one’ client.

Yes sir I want to say that after creating an end product on one single license can I sell that to only one client

Selling at market place doesn’t mean selling to unlimited client I mean to Only a single Client

If it is to one client as a one off private project then that’s fine but you still can’t put it on a marketplace like envato - that owuld constitute ‘stock’ use.

Thank You very much for information.
I want to sell at to one user only. One more question do all the high quality templates available at Envato Market is available at Envato elements

Thank you

It’s only some of the templates on themeforest which are on elemetns and they don’t come with the same support or updates

So what you think should I subscribe to Envato elements or buy templates from theme forest

Depends what item you want to buy

As you are only talking about 1 project elements seems a bit pointless given that you will only be using 1 template

I m a domainer and I want to develop website for my domains so I require a lot of template.

Only you will be able to determine the right option.

If you need lots then elements is a good option (bear in mind you need to be subscribed when the project is live until completed which could be a long time if there are lots of sites).

But if you are not 100% on development then you could run into issues and more costs if something breaks and you have not support or updates