Can i sell Themes or Templates from e.g. eCommerce Shops with this Stuff?

Hey Guys,

simple Question i guess. If i have a active Envato Elements Subscription, can i sell Templates or Themes from Online Shops that i make with the Pictures or Graphic Elements or Icons ive downloaded here?

Thanks in advance

Short answer NO

Thanks for your answer.

I try to specify my question.

I use Stockphotos, Product Mockups and Icons for my Shop Templates/Themes.
Is this possible to sell these Themes on Themeforest?

Everything you want to use as part of your themes/templates you want to sell here (or anywhere else), has to be properly licensed. So you need to refer to the author/marketplace of that specific assets if it can be used in a context of a stock theme/template. Stuff from Elements or other Envato marketplaces generally can’t be used that way.

However, you can use these resources for your theme/template demo site. Just don’t bundle them with the theme/template files themselves (use placeholder images for the demo export) and make sure to write in your item description that those images are not part of the theme/template.

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