Can I sell item in envato market on my website

I am doing digital marketing with Google. I’d like to do banner design for clients as well. Is it okay if I post example of banners from envatomarket on my website as an example? After the clients had picked what they link, then, i’ll buy from envatomarket.

Even if you’re exclusive, you’re allowed to use your items in your own work. You just can’t sell or give away the file ‘as is’. So if I understand correctly, what it is you’re looking to do… that wouldn’t be a problem.

So what I understood from you is that I can post the example of design/layout on my website. But I have to design for my customers for free of charge?

These are designs by other people right?

I don’t think you can use preview images from other authors’ items to market your own services.

You could buy the item - make suitable changes (so it is not just the original) and them use that to market with.

Ah right, I got a bit confused thinking that kanatk had his own items and was worried about using them on his site with regards to the exclusivity agreement. Not had enough coffee yet!

I agree with Charlie… preview images can only be used for Envato marketplace items, you can’t use them externally. You can do what you’re suggesting if you buy a license for each use, like Charlie suggests, including the use for initially marketing/offering your service.

Sorry for any confusion.

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I see. Thanks to both of you : )

i can understand, there was an ambiguity and that was hard to get to know which one it was in the first place …