Is it allowed to do this

Hi, actually i have an item for sale on code canyon is it allowed for me to have a pro version of that product for sale and have a banner for it in my item demo page that is actually on my server ? example you want basic version you buy it on code canyon you want pro version you buy it on my site ?

As I remember correct self advertising not allowed on envato marketplace, in a way where you advertise your web site through envato pages. But to be sure we need answer from someone with more experience. Or you can run through forum or help page.

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What does being an exclusive author with Envato mean?

At a very basic level, being an exclusive author means that any items you sell on Envato Market cannot be sold elsewhere. Being an exclusive author with us doesn’t mean that everything you create needs to be exclusive to Envato Market. It’s the item that’s exclusive to Envato Market, not you!

I think, you can do that. exclusivity is item basis.

You can have a pro version that you sell separately from Envato market, but you can’t advertise it anywhere on the site or in the documentation of your item.

Actually, now I come to think about it… I’m not sure if you’d be able to have a pro version. Yes, exclusivity is by item and if it’s a different item then you can sell it elsewhere… but it needs to be different enough that you’re not competing with items already on the site. Like if you were selling music and you had a one minute track on AudioJungle, I’m pretty sure you couldn’t sell an extended version of the same track elsewhere.

I’ll look into it, but either way, I guess the inbility to advertise the item here would considerably reduce the whole point of the plan.

You can have a PRO version but it must be the one you sell on Envato , so the other way around you’re looking to do it.

thanks guys for answer :smiley: