Licensing and Selling

Can an envato exclusive author sell their WordPress plugin with the ability to activate on single domain (starter version) on codecanyon and pro version ( ability to activate on unlimited site and more pro features) from their own site?

As an author on Envato, you have the choice to offer your items on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis with Envato. If you choose to offer your items on an exclusive basis, then you’ll benefit from lower author fees, but this means you cannot sell, distribute, or even give away for free your items (or any related items) outside of Envato. This includes on your own website.

  1. Exclusivity: When you become an author, you can choose to make your items and related items available exclusively on Envato or to retain the ability to sell your items elsewhere.
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What I mean is can I sell basic or starter package on envato and pro or enterprise package on anywhere?


no, you can’t as an exclusive Author. Details here:


I believe, I am clear. One more confusion is; Seems we can sell that products addons from own store. Let us assume, envato exclusive item can be activated on single domain and addon can only give ability to activate on multi domain with more addon feature included. Is this possible?

No, you still won’t be able to do that as an exclusive Author. For each installation, the user needs to purchase a license through Envato’s Marketplace, there’s no way around it.