Can I use my own items on my youtube channel and sell same items here?

Please help with this question.
How can exlusive authors use their own items in their own music and other projects?
Thank you.

exclusive author free to use their item for their projects but they can’t sell the item elsewhere except envato. Thanks

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To be more specific:

What about my own projects or freelance work?

You may make use of your own exclusive items in connection with your own personal projects or general freelance activities, without requiring the purchase of a license from Envato, provided the projects or activities are not directly related to the item or part of a publicly available service as prohibited above.

For example, you can use your own exclusive music track to help create a promotional video for a client or personal project. You can use your own exclusive theme to help create a customized website for a client project.

Remember, you are not permitted to buy your own items on Envato (exclusive or not) under our Author Terms as a precaution against fraudulent or disreputable conduct.

You can also sell them via streaming services like Spotify or iTunes. It calls “personal listening purpose”.


is it really possible to sell on spotify website?