Create template with graphics bought on Envato and sell it

Hello, I am new to Envato. I have a question, I tried searching for it but I didn’t find something useful.

Can I create a template/theme or static page with graphics(images, icons etc.) bought from Envato and sell it on Envato? I can’t fully understand the license terms/conditions about this matter. Thanks in advance.

no, you can’t. actually your purchased graphics are for your personal (for client if you are a freelancer) use and each license only for one single end product. You don’t have permission for commercial use (create product and sale).

You can check:


Can I buy the commercial license? I see that some products have the commercial license( example ). Does that mean that I can use those graphics for my purpose?

The item you’ve pointed to is hosted on Envato Elements. Envato Marketplaces and Envato Elements are two different entities. However, even the commercial license that you’ve pointed at has following terms listed as not allowed:

Clear guidelines on what’s not allowed

Some common-sense limitations do apply, as set out below:

  • You can’t re-sell, or re-distribute items;
  • You can’t use items in on-demand services; and
  • You generally can’t use items as the basis for merchandising. For example, printing a logo from Envato Elements straight onto a T-shirt is not allowed. See clause 13 below for the relevant terms and conditions.

So yeah, you can’t resell even if you buy with “commercial license”.

Thanks for the reply. Can I buy graphics without restrictions on how to use them? I guess from Envato Elements I can’t but is it possible at Envato Marketplace?

Edit: I probably need an extended license to do that. Thanks both for clarifying.

To say the least, it would be best for you to ask the Envato support about using items from marketplaces as well. Just ask them with the specific use you intend to make from the item. Extended licenses are costly and it’s your hard earned money, so better to be cautious about the license than regretting it later.

You are right, I will ask the support first. I considered buying the monthly subscription for unlimited access to Envato Elements but I guess since I can’t use the assets freely the only option is to go through the Marketplace. Thanks again for your help, I appreciate it.

You’re welcome.