The one defect this site has are seriously the prices.

The service of this website is good enough for me, I get to create models and sell them and then make money out of it of course. Best part is that I only need to create a model once and once uploaded for sell, it stays there forever (or at least until the site shuts down). But what is my problem with this liberty and freedom we are given when it comes to selling 3D models? I do not know how many of you are “real” 3D modelers but each day I see more and more exceptionally great highly detailed models at like $8-$10 on the shop.

Models with over 20,000 selling for like $8, not even reaching $20 and all it does is make me wonder… Is this model stolen or did this person really make it? When it comes to modeling, you don’t just sit down and create something, it takes a lot of time to make it. And then you see all these people with great looking models at the foolishly low price of $8-$10 just undercutting those that have placed a reasonably higher price because they know what it is to put work into what they do. This is the main thing I do not like about Envato nor the staff of it, this only shows me they do not care about the artist (even though they claim they do) and instead care about getting money. I find this fact sad, and I find even sadder these people selling good quality content at such a low price and getting away with it. To me, all these highly detailed models at $8-$10 are all stolen content from some 3D website that gives the item for free.

I hope one day to find a website with a market place that actually does care instead of making up they do. Sorry, but I just thought I spoke about this because it just makes no sense.

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A) Authors can set their own prices.

B) If authors can set their own prices, then how do Envato not care about authors? If the prices were fixed then somebody would just come along and say it’s unfair we can’t set our own prices, Envato don’t care about us.

C) If Envato only cared about money then surely they’d fix the prices, and they’d fix them high? A $50 item or an $100 item makes them quite a bit more than an $8 one.

D) We can’t really go into pricing strategies here, but just because somebody sells something for a low price, doesn’t mean they’re stupid or the item is stolen.

E) But the foolishly low priced $10 items in your portfolio… they’re ok, are they?

F) Search by price and take a look at the sales figures. First high to low and then low to high, or vice versa. It pretty much answers your question.

They can set their own prices now, but not in the past. And I have wanted a higher price on some of my work and get a far lower price for it placed in. Also, most items are caught as stolen because of the far lower price, I do not know how long you been selling online, but I have been doing it since 2004 and started on TurboSquid, the largest undercutting rip off site on the internet. Many stolen items are placed at a low price in hopes of it selling quickly and as much as possible to get some money out of it before it is discovered and the account is closed down. My items in my portfolio are low priced for obvious reasons a 3D modeler would know about, they are not highly detailed models, they don’t even get to 400 polygons so understand what I am saying before attacking my items.

I offer them at a low price, but even $15 is not low.
None of them have spectacular maps, nor bump maps, they aren’t animated, they have no cockpit, no landing gear, no bay doors for bombs or missiles… There are many things that fix the price of items. But I see items with all this included, high detail and sold at $8. So yeah, I think the price I offer is good enough. And I do search the prices, this is the reason why I decided to make this thread, to talk about it. And of course Evnato cares about money, why buy something that is exceptionally well detailed for $100 when you can get the same item from someone else with all the same features, close to the same polygon count and detail for $8? Everyone knows that selling something at a lower price will more likely sell than something at a higher prices, that is how undercutters survive here, that’s common sense. I mean you can under cut… But selling something that clearly should be at least $50 at $8?.. Come on now.

Well there you go then. Case closed! :grinning:

Are you serious? With a commission which is not a percentage value, the lower the price of the item the better for Envato.

Price differences have less of an impact due to the fixed buyers fee, but to say that they earn more from a low priced item is completely untrue. Maybe from a total amount of revenue perspective, due to more sales at a lower price… but not from a per sale point of view.

$8 item, $3 buyers fee, 37.5% to Envato, 62.5% to author. Envato get: $4.87
$50 item, $3 buyers fee, 37.5% to Envato, 62.5% to author. Envato get: $20.62

And if we are going from a total amount of revenue perspective, then that kind of proves the point that authors setting a low price might not be such a crazy idea after all.

I agree with Heartbrake, these low prices makes almost every model look sketchy. There’s a nice quality Apache selling right now with very good detail at $8, I remember when I was younger I used to police many market websites I was in reporting stolen content. But after a long time of doing it I realize that there just is no way to stop people from selling stolen content, and the more I reported, the more stolen content would appear. The real problem is all these 3D modeling website that offer free 3D models. I can’t count how many times I reported a Jill Valentine 3D model ripped directly from a Resident Evil game on here, and yet if you search, you will probably find one being sold either way. We have someone that checks the models before they are uploaded, supposedly someone that has to review them… I think what they need to do is pay someone also to make sure items uploaded isn’t stolen.

If you make a video game and find yourself using copyrighted assets, even Envato can get sued, Envato isn’t immune to it. I build cars, over the years I have created much better 3D models as I learned more and so my prices have gone up, but even then I will never sell my models for $8. I just stopped reporting stolen content because I saw no one really cared to try to investigate themselves, we do not need to sit here and report anything, Envato should be the ones hiring people to do that, it is their business, not ours.

There you go then. When reviewing a 3D model, it’s impossible to check if that item is stolen or not. Even if they hired somebody, they’d have to go through every 3D marketplace and check every model. That would be the easy part. In your Jill Valentine example, they’d also have to watch every film, tv show and computer game to make sure the model isn’t from somebody else’s intellectual property.

Yes, Envato could get sued, but you can attempt to sue anyone you want these days, doesn’t mean they’ll find against them. They have the ‘I certify this is my own work or I have permission to use it’ checkbox when you upload. That’s their due diligence, and the responsibility is now on the uploader to make sure they’re playing by the rules. There’s not much more they can do other than eliminating all profit from hiring such a team that you mention (which would still miss plenty), or shutting the marketplace down altogether.

On the other hand, if you know that a model is stolen, then you should report it. Better still, and more likely to end in a resolution… report it to the real owner of the work. They can then issue a DMCA notice which Envato should abide by.

However, just because somebody sells an item for a low price, that’s far from exclusive proof that it’s stolen. Some people would rather stack 'em high and sell 'em low rather than stack 'em low and sell 'em high. And how do you price an item that can sell multiple times? If you charge $50 an hour for freelance work and a model takes you 100 hours… would you price it at $5000? Unlikely… the fact it can sell multiple times means you don’t have to. Take Adobe Creative cloud… I pay £50 a month, and they’ve put it thousands of hours and research and cost into creating the software… that doesn’t automatically mean Adobe are dodgy and have stolen all their stuff.

And the Black Friday deals down your local superstore… just because they’re so cheap, doesn’t mean they’re all stolen goods. Yes, what you’re saying does happen, don;t get me wrong, but just going on price as an indicator for stolen content isn’t the way to go. You’re usually best to go on stolen content being an indicator for stolen content instead.

To be honest, when you have a real good term reporting stolen content, you eventually learn exactly where to look and how to look. All 3D models that are posted and reported as stolen are always from video games, no where else. Authentic models are sold by quality and time taken. On that note, some buyers won’t buy under priced quality models and more likely will avoid them because to them it might be stolen to begin with, do not think just because you price something low you will win. If you do not know how to value both, then you obviously didn’t make the model, period. To me, it looks like you are trying to generalize every single low priced model out there. But a high quality model should not be sold for such a low price.