So false reviews from now will not be removed?

Has anything changed about the ratings removal policy? Until now, generic reviews like “there are way too many bugs” were removed, but from now I have received information that such a lying reviews are in line with the rules -

I see that there is a fragment in the review removal policy - “Reviews should be respectful, helpful and constructive in order to assist other customers looking to purchase items on Envato Market.”

Do you think it’s constructive to say that the theme is full of bugs without any evidence? I think it’s misleading for a potential buyer. I’ll tell you that I honestly would like to fix these bugs, but I have no idea where to look for it while client just ignores my request for more information and I have no bug reports from other buyers.

I suggest you can offer to refund in case unsatisfied and nagative ratings. After refunds rating automatically removed. This is simply solution.

yes, envato’s thinking like we’re removing them all, so let’s cut on that and let people be heard, which is just fine. i think so far reviews have been a very unbalanced display of things, so very crappy software, very unskilled persons using it, and it’s all butterflies and flowers, so yes, why not show some of the bad. less problems, more folks on elements :slight_smile:

Refund after about 6 months? Can you imagine such a guaranteed money back, e.g. on Steam? People play the game for half a year, they give 1 star because the game is supposedly full of bugs that other customers don’t report and they get a refund. Do you know what such a policy would lead to? This is the easiest way to change theme every year for free.