SmartWay Theme Infected With Malware and Developers Won't Respond (HasTech)


Thank you for your time and any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Our issue is that our SmartWay theme is infected with malware, but we do not want to lose our license as it is customized. The developers, HasTech, have admitted that their theme had malware in it and that they don’t know how it happened, but haven’t answered for days or given any sort of update.

Has anyone else experienced this? We are now paying someone else to get rid of the malware, so I would like to get a refund but we do not want to lose our license as we have spent so much time customizing it. Unfortunately the theme developers have gone completely dark after admitting their theme came with malware.

Thank you!

If you ask refund, you cannot use the theme. You have to remove it from your system but your situation is a bit complicated. Maybe you should wait for a while for a respond, if you don’t hear anything like in 3-5 days, contact Envato support and report the item

Who is buy template? You or web designer who is make site?

Unfortunately there is no way to have a refund, and at the same time maintain the license to use the item or access to any future updates etc. Regardless of the cause