License issues - with developers Gone Wild!

Hello Everyone,

We purchased a theme and provided the files and license keys to a developer about a year ago and after dragging their feet and finally ‘releasing’ the project back to us about 50% complete – they have admitted that they did the development on the wrong theme and are now asking that we accept a license of theirs (for the template used) in exchange for the one we purchased.

I am concerned that the license they are offering is ‘pirated’ (Purchased in 2014; Last theme update was a few weeks ago) and I am not accepting the offer. I will go ahead and buy one matching what they actually used.

What I would like to ask you is if it is possible to ‘blacklist’ our current license so we can avoid a situation in which they misuse the theme without paying for it. Could ENVATO re-issue a new one to us? I don’t want our purchase to be associated with piracy. I have little faith that they will honor my request to destroy and never use that license.

We only have a couple of days left with support and we are not looking to get a free license. Just something we can use to legally install the theme on a different project if we choose to in the future.

I could not find a way to ask ENVATO directly, someone here may be able to point us in the right direction :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to read!


Here is Envato Help Center you can open a help ticket they would like to assist you.


I have gone ahead and submitted a request. None of the options described the situation we are in. Still, worth trying it.

Thank you for the link.

Let me know how that goes. Curious to know what Envato responds in such case.

I tried to work this out with the developers prior to posting here. They told me there was nothing they could do. They asked me to tell there we I installed their template so they could make a note of it. I have not installed it anywhere, don’t know if the developers have or will.

We may use it in the future but until then I have nothing to provide them.

While that is very sensible - if they haven’t done the job properly then I would suggest being v cautious - a lot of the warez versions of themes can contain malware and unwanted files.

Assuming you were to have accepted the offer then these developers would have to also provide a working purchase code (so to some extent you could check things) but to be ho est I wouldn’t trust someone capable of editing the wrong theme

Also “swapping items” is not allowed - you can transfer usage rights but that has to be on a completed project not an ‘as is’ version

We already acquired a license for the theme that was used. We activated the theme, updated, etc. We are all set with that aspect of the conversation.

The license for the ‘original’ theme remains an open issue. I don’t trust them to keep our license safe and if a license from 2014 resurfaces after so many years and gets installed on a new project I cannot trust that the same wont happen to our license and that they wont be using it multiple times.

I woulld go straight to the author and talk to them

Only they will be able to disable the purchase code not envato

We already reached out to the developers. They said its up to Envato’s platform because they cannot do anything for enforce the license keys you provide. That is what prompted me to post on this forum.

I am telling them and ‘you’ a key is likely to be abused and both tell me they cannot do anything about it and point fingers at each other.

They way I see it you both are telling me by omission that pirates can pirate with impunity because you are unable to to anything about it.

Something to keep in mind if someone is looking for a store to sell through.

If your license is working as you claim and you were also able to update and register for support through the items support page then there is no reason to pursue this any further.

Whether someone else was able to grab the license and magically receive free updates is a problem for the author, not you. It is their fault for not validating licenses against the website these are used on.

In the future do not share your license with others :+1:t5: