POL Theme and countless issues not resolved by GoGetThemes

Hello, I’d like to ask others about their experience with the POL Theme and the fact that GoGetThemes has completely disregarded their customers. Since day 1 of the sale for us this theme has been nothing short of a pain to deal with and every support given for 6 months that was part of the purchased was “Next Update will fix it” to date i see articles on their website about the issues that have not been addressed and they never released any updates to fix countless issues.

I honestly don’t think its fair that we as customers paid $60 for a theme that was never fixed and were promised fixes would come and when out support time expired nothing came of if and now were out $60 and technically they did nothing but stall every customers issue.

I honestly want to hear your experience and if at all possible i would love for them to be forced by envato to refund all buyers. (see the themes comments nothing but bad rating.)


I don’t understand why you didn’t read comments BEFORE buying template? On Envato you have tons of developers and they are not all good. When I see that is some template not updated over 6 month I will pass that template.
Envato cant tell template developer that he must refund you money , developer must refund money.
Envato is take provision from you and from developer and you need to handle with other problems. Dont count that they will help you about refund.