Smart T-Shirt Mockup

Yes, really. Compared to the large quantity of t-shirt mockups already on the site, your item brings nothing new with regards to quality or features.

There’s only two views, both the same aside from the addition of the hangar, the example designs on the t-shirts aren’t all that stylish, there’s creases on the shirts but not on the designs, and the preview image lacks a premium feel to it.

Go to shirt mockups on GraphicRiver, seach by best sellers, and set it to uploaded in the last year… take a look at the top few items and you’ll get a better idea of the kind of quality you should be aiming for. Keep at it, you’ll get there.



Your can make ilustration (draw) good quality will to be approved graphicriver, but not text only, you can search other design example s-hirts approved graphicriver.

Good Luck.

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