Looking for T-Shirt Mock-Up

Hi guys,

I’m looking for this tee mock-up.

Anybody know where can I buy psd file.

Thank you.

hi, i hope u can find who is the author and that he identifies himself, but nothing’s so sure as not all the guys consult the forums and that in addition, they many not see this thread and thus see that u are asking for this template? is there no way for you to find it back through the search engine?

i have been through 18 pages of mockups for you and here’s what looks the closest from what u are expecting for …




otherwise, i am afraid that u need to have it done by someone … or that u need to go to seek somewhere else …
have a nice day :wink:

It’s really difficult to find the real author.
By the way thank you very much n2n44!

u are welcome … i guess u are just underlining that there are lots of authors and items and that this is sometimes difficult in the numerical universe to find something really particular that we are searching for lol