My work is everytime rejected. Need help to success.

So many times I had Rejected. Need help to figerout what is the issue.

Below is my work, which I submitted last time.

So many version of similar type of T-shirt Design. I know there will be so many Tshirt designs there, but Mine is unique, all the layers are Fully Editable, even Tshirt shapes.

Help me to approve this kind of rejection.

I don’t know what is it a t-shirt design or a t-shirt mock-up


hi buddy , yeah same for me, according to what he wrote i may draw the conclusion that this is the design, but i am really not sure to say the least

Problem in category selection

I see two main issues.

  • The mockup looks fake and quite boring with the flat grey background.
  • The design is very basic with not much to it. You can find more complex and interesting designs for free.

Sure the design may be ok, but there’s nothing here that would make anyone want to spend money on it.

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I love your designs t-shirt, bad luck for was hard rejected :’(

Sorry but This Tshirt design is fully editable, its Sport tshirt design type mockup template. user can put their logo and see the output, very easy to manage all the layers and all. and I don’t think so, boring gray background is the issue of rejection, because The heart of the design is Tshirt.

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Anyway, Thanks all for your feedback.