Rejected again and again

My designs always got rejected, and this is my recent upload for t-shirt design. Is it my design really not meet the quality standard?

In my perspective my design is good enough, and i already research about the design from the others and what i see (i’m sorry) but there’s some design that what i think is not that good to me, and my design is more better than that. I’m sorry if i sound too cocky, i just don’t know what’s wrong.

Is there something wrong with my design? Please help me to understand what mistake that i made.

Thank you.

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The typography is deformed.

hi for me there a few small things that I see here. First of all , the text is not really following the shapes pop and down and this looks like an execution mistake rather than any other thing . Otherwise, the typo does not really transpire the halloween theme if u ask me. Besides, a bit in the same idea, indeed, the choice of the blue color looks a bit disconnected with the subject, though this is fine because complementary colors … in any event, u still have the ability to upload yourdsign as such in many places where such items can be stored for sale