My T-Shirt Mockup rejected

Hi my T-Shirt Logo has been rejected but clear reason are not shown please help me to improve my work please.

  • Nothing premium it’s easy to find something, with respect significantly better and more versatile, for free online

  • Edges look poorly cut out

  • Logo is poor and just basic text rather than anything premium

  • Background feels unnatural and shadows esp. around the base looks wrong

hi I am sorry to tell u just this but u are really miles away from the standards at this stage … I do not want u to feel bad , but, simply no one “can buy it” … this is really does not look realistic at all and most importantly again this does not reach the target when it comes to demonstrating how useful the file can be for people who want to display their t-shirt design indeed. Look, honestly, would u personally buy such an item if u had a t-shirt design to “promote and emphasize”? I guess that if u are honest enough, u would say no, especially if u ever compare the item with what there is in the catalogue already … Let’s face it the execution is not good enough for a professional marketplace at the moment. The t-shirt looks not cut properly or drawn professionally enough … The perspective of the logo if not the right one and the content is not valued so that people cannot really figure out how good buying this item could be for them to highlight their product. The shadowing is not properly done either and this looks completely artificial at this stage. the vignetting that u have on sideways simply does not sell, too, this is just contributing to making the preview look not efficient and professional enough, more than any other thing. U have to keep in mind that all details matter and that most importantly again, u have to step up to the plate and offer premium content that people will be supposed to buy , in other words, that they must at the very least find as useful when it comes to saving time and / or offering graphic skills that go beyond theirs … and u have nothing of this at the moment , so why would the reviewer accept the file?

Thanks for reply I will remember my mistakes and try to improve my work.