Newbie T Shirt Designer - Design Analysis

Hello everyone!
Very much enthusiastic to start my journey at Graphicriver, however, I want to share the first project I submitted here and it got rejected.

The statement in reply was, a common one (I have read some articles): “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

I would like to share my design with the professionals here to kindy analyze it and let me know what are my shortcomings. It’s a very simple design with which I wanted to target an energetic and progressive audience who love cars and progress.


You are far away from design standards required. Looks like it’s done by a beginner. All your elements are disconnected. Typography is distorted. Check the T-shirts category and you can easily see what the standards are.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I am a beginner. Can you refer me to any article or video that teaches typography theory along with design elements?
I would really like to understand what do you mean by distorted typography?

Moreover, I had the opinion that simple designs can also work? Thanks for your response.


hi sorry to say just this but the bottom line is that there is much to do so that the item could possible be accepted here, in a place where standards have been raising continuously for years now and where the market is rather saturated in almost all categories. Indeed, there are issues of all sort to point at here. So let’s start
1- connection between elements
indeed, the concept is rather strange and this is hard to get to know what is the link and coherence between these elements and what is the coherence in the end. This may look strange for me to say this to me , according to u, but u will see why in the next point
2- commercial potential
indeed this is related to what i wrote above, this is ending up in having your item having very little potential commercially if u ask me, especially if materialized like this. The usual combination is more likely to be about cigarette and coffee, i do not mean that u cannot do the association that u have done but if the concept is not selling much or obvious in the first place and that the graphic part is not any better in addition, this is cleary ending up having your item having no commercial potential and thus very little chance to ever make it for sale
3- composition of elements
the thing is that all the elements seem to be pasted right next to each other rather than any other thing indeed. The fact of the matter is that the cup stroke and style have nothing to do with those of the car’s. What i also mean by this is that the item should be inspired by the spirit of a logo , that is to say to combine things together to make a coherent, harmonious and professional whole where elements are linked by a guideline and this is clearly not what u have here whether we are considering organisation, style of elements and so on
4- execution
sorry to say just this but u are expected to provide a flawless illustration and the bottom line is that the car is not , the disposition of the mirror looks strange and the way they look and are expected even more
5- harmony
i guess u can identify that it makes very little sense indeed to have a car with white color inside when the cup has no color inside , this is naturally breaking the possible harmony right from the beginning an makes the things even worse when u already have trouble about it, due to the “diverging styles” of all elements
6- typo
no surprise u get into much trouble to offer something coherent and efficient about it as u put yourself in danger right from the beginning with pasting different styles right next to each other, this is becoming then almost impossible to pair the typo and illustration parts. BTW, as @DesignSomething mentioned, rightfully so, the text looks distorted and not properly spooned and not following a regular path, which has a very negative impact on the way the item looks in the end. i also want u to keep this in mind, here , expectations are high in terms of typo as this is really a main focus, problem the biggest one, actually. U are expected to bring a professional and harmonious typo to the table but not only as people are expecting a good deal of originality too. The problem is that the font u used is not matching with the illustration part and introducing more variations, font combinations and touches of originality would help u to gain interest , to offer more relief , while, currently this is flat and looking “disconnected”
7- global style
let’s face , apart from the problems related to guideline and style unity, the style is rather plain and clipartish at the moment and i am not sure that the stroke looking style is helping in anyway about it or the fact that u bring no color to the table. I also tend to consider that u should clearly define what the style that u want to set … this is a between the middle for everything here , if u want purely illustration style , then i guess that opting for thick stroked and so on would help to find some usual standards and to emphasize the object that u have made an illustration of
8- finition
i guess u probably aimed at something minimalistic but honestly for me this is lacking finition , introducing shadow under the car and these sort of things would probably help t make the design look more credible and a bit more worked out too
9- preview
i usually mention this here but this is true if u ask me , offering multiple color previews is certainly cool unless the thing turns out to mouth to having u shooting a bullet in your own foot if u wish and the reason why i am saying this is that some colors and context that u put your work in , definitely do not serve to emphasize your work, make it look more outstanding and so on … this is the other way around


I can’t thank you enough for taking time out and guiding me o improve myself. I have read every word and I will practice more before posting here again.
About the mirrors though, the original car had the same position as the mirrors.

The rest of your analysis is really worth reading and I will try to implement what you have analyzed and highlighted.

Thank you so much!

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