Project Feedback Regarding Rejection


Can anyone please help me in pointing out as to why these T-shirt designs were rejected.

Here is the image link:

I am looking forward to your feedback.



Yes, good design with the text, but the borders are pretty basic, although that last one shows promise.

Best to learn from this and put a lot more effort into the next one.

Good luck.



yes border outlines look more dominant over rest of designs, maybe a dim but thick would look awsome… try it


Thanks, i will keep it in mind :slight_smile:


will do it! Thanks for your feedback


hi, indeed for me it was rejected either because maybe they condor that u did not post in the right category as your transfers look like much badges indeed and otherwise that they need a bit more work or originality , as this style is very trendy and thus they have tons of items in this style, so u need to push the envelope so that u can bring something new and interesting enough indeed