Help...Tshirt rejected items

halo guys, please help me advise on why this item was rejected. Thank you

hi , as for me, here is what I think. Indeed , the second design looks better than the first one, though the concept is more interesting for the first one, while the second one is lacking concept indeed but looks interesting all the same, in a way. For the first design there are several things to say if we get into details, when it comes to typo is particular and satellite issues. Actually , the typo os not really attractive in the first place and could be improved by selecting another font if u asked me, but this is still a personal observation, most importantly again (and less subjective too), the fact of the matter is that the impact, positioning and so on are far from being great. One of the main problems - major one I might add - is as far as contrast and readability , which somehow some way is related in anyway , insofar as contrast problem always do create such issues. Contrast is a basic design principle and messing with it means big time trouble, consequently … this is even the worse one to mess with , indeed, since as I started to mention that there are a good deal of troubles coming pari past with it in a snowball effect. There will be very negative impact as far as readability, impact and hierarchy of the design. Here about hierarchy this is still ok since this is a design shirt and this matters less than normally but there is a slightly negative impact all the same, as the design is really prevailing over the text and makes it look sideway element until u can wander if this is worth the drive having it … The main thing is not this all the same, this is readability and if u regard left and right texts, u will easily figure out that they are almost invisible and almost impossible to read unless u go through a real effort and will to do it … so why putting these text things? I would also like to add something else about this design apart from typo and related issues. I think that if u had more finition the item would look more worked out by placing shadows in the right places and by creating some “shadow” areas - by this I mean relief ones - where they belong. At this stage it looks a bit flat and a bit raw as well, if u ask me.

For the summer design, if u ask me, the main issue is probably that things are looking misaligned and I think that this is not a super good idea to stay the least. If I were u I would align all texts with the illustration of both side or at the very minimum align both texts on the left and right so that this looks arranged more properly and that it ultimately looks cleaner. I think that once again the design could be a bit improved by adding some finition (relief and shadowing) so that this looks more realistic and more worked out again but I would call this a rather sideway issue all the same. However this is a very different story as far as typo goes. Indeed, as for me, I see the typo and illustration as dissonant harmony wise. For me they look disconnected if u wish. I assume that u could find a much more matching font to use so that this generates more harmony in the end. However I think that for this design the base is rather cool and is a good base to work with, for sure, much better than for the first one, without the shadow of a doubt …

Alright, thanks a lot for the input. I will fix it in my next design, thanks

lol well it depends on u , as for I know from my experience, all people who say that come back and ask again why after they get their following item rejected … this is up to u anyways, have a nice day