Single Sale Tracks

Sorry if this topic has been addressed before but, most of my AJ sales are single “one” sale per track. I’m sure it would help to generate more sales if the folks who bought the tracks would take the time to rate. How do you guys go about encouraging clients to rate your tracks / collections?

Guys ask to rate their tracks :smile:

Thanks for the reply. Where / how do “guys” ask?

I include an html file with all my tracks which politely reminds / asks client to please rate the track. Is there another way? Thanks in advance for the ideas.

They ask by editing their portfolios. You can add some image to yours with text “Please, don’t forget to rate my track. Thank you!”

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Cool, good idea. Thanks, HEARTGUN.

Done! :slight_smile:

It’s always nice to see ratings on tracks, but I doubt it will help increase your sales. Most buyers just buy whatever sounds nice to their ears. So, my opinion is to focus on the best production possible, and promote your items on the web. :wink:


Thanks, Voidcore. Good point.

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The link should take me to the Downloads page rather than your portfolio. I’m so lazy to go there by myself.

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Thanks very much, OsamaSayegh. I edited the link. This is the new link…

Would this be the appropriate link for all clients who have purchased tracks?

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The link works flawlessly. Too bad I haven’t bought anything from you, so I can’t do complete testing unfortunately.

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"I haven’t bought anything from you"
Well, you can certainly remedy that! :wink: j/k
Thanks so much for your help.

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It filters out non-Audiojungle items from the download page which I guess will help big buyers to locate your item(s) more easily.

Lol. Will consider your portfolio if I need something from AJ in the future. :wink:

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Awesome! Thank you, sir. You’re a gentleman and a scholar. :slight_smile:

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dude, you just need to give them this link:


Thanks, boomopera. That link works for sure but, the one I’m currently using filters just AJ track purchases.

I second the idea that ratings probably don’t matter much for music, because the buyer can hear precisely what they are getting. They are more useful for things like code projects, where it can be impossible to tell if you are purchasing buggy code.

If you want to improve sales, better to focus on titles and keywords, as well as outside promotion, to drive traffic to your tracks, otherwise they will get buried under the mountain of music here.

I think that when you wrote or did on Envato very cool content, customers will be so excited that they will be looking to put the rating, and will drop and will write the best comments, and will in the comments to write references to their works , so I think you need to write do with all your heart the best content on Envato, so it was the best and not mediocre)))