Simple secret of the best logo ever

Just recently came across this resource, the article about generic logos. This information is highly recommended for freshers on gr who bake logo templates as well as for seasoned authors, and even more for reviewers accepting those generic logos. Would love to know your feedback on the article, jolly GR community logo designers :wink:

lol hi buddy , well i understand what u are saying but let’s face it , lots of buyers want to buy these basic items, unlike what is being said … . They come to buy some simple or flat things and there’s a good purchasing base for average quality items as lots of company owners are either feeling allergy to creativity or they are sometimes too scared to use something that looks really original … . Lots of buyers do not know what is a good logo and why and most of them fail to determine how important the visual part turns out to be nowadays and they just end up buying according to their personal tastes needless to say that their tastes are not aways so good , depending on of how aware people are conscious of visual impact and so on … . Plus, if i do perfectly agree with you , this kind of philosophy is a bit opposed to the one of marketplaces since it sort of basically means that u try to make a personified or custom item for someone or company that u know nothing about, which is really hard to do indeed … . We also have to face many constraints here as sometimes some logos if too “original” they are supposed not to have commercial value enough , not easy enough to used by the largest number and so on … and this is not pushing guys to create something definitely never see before in a way. And, for those who do they often get rejected in a category in whig they refuse a lot of items , especially more “specific ones”.

what u have to keep in mind is that most of guys try to get to stick to what’s working and that if this is working, that’s because people buy them … so they are supposed to like the basic things that u are dealing with. By the way , in your article, they display some examples which look much alike some items that u see in GR, but in the end are they the less successful to go through and to be sold? i am not sure , so authors cannot be blamed for playing the game so that they are successful , the goal in this environment (and what is extremely difficult to do by the way) this is to make money out of creating works and to survive as designers …

Don’t know what to say. You must be right in a lot of ways. But it means we are selling generic thing as long as they are being bought. Maybe a designer that wants to be successful on marketplaces should alienate himself or herself a bit from a marketplaces in a sense ‘I create generic items for marketplace, and I do creative things for clients projects’. But in this case I would love to see more straightforward policy and even up-to-date guidelines from GR/envato. They still have it ‘…do not upload similar concept items…’ or something like that … Also, I would like to stress out, that even generic item can be quality, well done, and poor quality, thus I vote at least for good quality :wink:

i think that most of us do create the kind of items that u mentioned buddy , the thing is that u cannot expect all to do , for two reasons, some guys think only about selling and some other do not always have that creative plus so that they kind create the thing u mentioned. In addition, this is good to say each other some thing like this but if envato doesn’t stick to the policy that is supposed to be theirs in the first place that is to say to be willing creative and high quality items, then this is no need that we think this way because the main body of rthe concerned guys that i told u about will feeling bored to get rejected and will just get back to normal … which is legitimate in a way. This basically means that the whole thing have to be initiated and valued by envato in the first place so that it becomes the main stream … what u mentioned rightfully so by the way